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The JewelCode motto is Customer First! Our clients refer colleagues to us because of the excellence in our customer service and our desire to quickly help our clients so they can focus on what they do best, serving the elders in their community. We build value in the elder care community. Our desire is to build a better future for our clients and their clients. Through our strong involvement in the care management community, we have stayed educated on the trends facing care managers and the generations they serve. In 2011, our Founder, Lisa Moody, won the Affiliate of the Year Award from NAPGCM (now the Aging Life Care Association). This award recognizes the hard work she has put into the care management community through participating in committees, writing articles, speaking at conferences, and helping with planning work for the Association.

Lisa Moody
Founder & President
A Note from Lisa: I have been working with care managers since 2002. Your dedication to your clients is the same as our dedication to you. Our experience and involvement in the care management world has led to the product that we have today. We have created software that works for all size teams, from a single care manager, to 2, 3, and 4, care managers, up to 32 care managers. Our clients tell us that we have the most comprehensive care management software and we most understand what needs to be tracked in software. We created our solution so that you can focus your time on what you do best, serving the needs of your client!
Deirdre Epperson
Social Media Manager
A note from Deirdre: As my parents and in-laws got older and needed assistance, I was grateful for the kind, caring and wonderful Care Managers, caregivers and care professionals that helped with their care, and I have a vast appreciation for those who are in the business of helping others, especially the elderly. Care Manager, Joanne Bass, who happens to be one of our clients, helped my family through some frightening and challenging times as we were dealing with my father-in-law’s state of dementia. In line with what care managers do, she was able to help us navigate through a maze of options for his care and that assistance was invaluable. I couldn’t be more thankful for our remarkable clients, Care Managers and Guardians who have brightened our days through conversations and quality time spent at NAPGCM (Aging Life Care) conferences. It’s especially gratifying talking to clients and prospects about their businesses, their families and their lives. Over the years, hearing our clients make comments like, “Where have you been all my life???” when talking about CareComplete and other JewelCode services lets me know that we’ve been able to help them and that makes everything worthwhile.
Kathy Batzelle
Lead Trainer
A note from Kathy: When I first started teaching CareComplete I had only a fundamental understanding of the meaning of Care Manager and what they did. I learned quickly that they are called “Care” Managers because they have such compassion for the elders they work with and the families who need their help. During my many years with JewelCode, I have met some wonderful people and I have great admiration for each of them. I have heard both the happy and the sad news of their work. I have heard the joy they experience when they help someone happily remember their past, the concern they have for the families in need of help, and the sorrow they personally feel for families who have just lost their loved one. Each of these scenarios defines a Care Manager. It has been my privilege to also share personal experiences with some of our great clients. Debbie Drelich’s (New York Elder Care Consultants) daughter lives in Israel. Debbie sent me pictures of her granddaughter and sweet little grandson who was born, while she was over there visiting. There has never been an appointment with Donna Diotalevi (Donna Diotalevi & Associates, FL) where she doesn’t have a story to tell me and we laugh our way through it. I was amazed when Barbara Cook (Elder Care Consultants, Spokane, WA) told me of her father who was still surfing in Hawaii, well into his elder years. Last year, Cheryl Jordan (Help With Care, FL), went on a cruise to Alaska and we talked about some places she and her family could visit while they were in Canada on their way home. Our clients are more than people and companies we work with, they are our friends and we are honored to be part of their lives. I may only have the opportunity to talk with these dear clients of ours during a training session but I feel I have friends across the nation and I try to make the best of our time together. Until our next training session…blessings.
Chris Becket
Support Specialist
A note from Chris: I believe you have to be nothing less than gentle, attentive and helpful to be a Care Manager. Every client that I have had the pleasure to work with has been fulfilling. It is in my nature to help others. Being a part of the JewelCode family lets me do just that. I love talking with clients and find many common interests, from talking about vacationing in Hawaii, finding comfort during the passing of a loved one, even a shared passion for riding motorcycles. These types of connections create a bond that is gratifying to me and hopefully enjoyable to those I work with. Working with JewelCode clients is fulfilling and joyful.
Amy Perez
Demonstration Specialist
Amy is helping clients see our software demos and answer their questions. Within one month, 3 care management practices that we gave to Amy to follow up on, quickly became clients, and are rolling right along. You will find Amy to be patient and a great representative of the JewelCode brand. Feel free to contact Amy directly at aperez@jewelcode.com or (866) 426-4911 x. 506.
Pat Brissette
Contract Trainer
A note from Pat: As a software trainer, I have had the rewarding experience of “meeting” JewelCode clients on-line, to help them get the most out of the CareComplete professional care management software. Their questions and observations informed me and helped guide my training to fit their needs. After each training session I often write down tidbits of information gleaned in case we “meet again” for another session. I am one of those who believe we are “six degrees of separation” from each other and look for commonalities on a personal level. For example, thanks to Diane Sasson (Sasson Senior Services), my cousin has her on speed dial, anticipating future needs for her aging Mom. I also want to shout out to Barbara Cannon (Answers for Elders) and Isabel Espinoza (Mir Senior Care) for the creative ways we found to connect for sessions. A productive and humor filled session with fellow “ East Coaster” Susan Birenbaum (Humanittude) found us completing each other’s sentences as if we had known each other for years. During a second session together, I recognized Laura Haskin (Senior Care Options) by her screen saver of a gorgeous beach in Hawaii (on my bucket list); and after a recent connection with Dana Lambert (Life Transition Resources), learned that her daughter and I were slogging through a spate of winter storms that have buried MA in several feet of snow. All of these clients, and many others, have expressed how logical Care Complete is set up, how easy it is to follow and how excited they were to put it to use in their businesses. I have much admiration for the JewelCode clients I train and the awesome work they do for their customers. The dedication and passion for what they do is remarkable. ‘Til we meet again…
Jackie Cameron
Administrative Assistant & Bookkeeper
Jackie manages our bookkeeping as well as the projects to onboard new clients to our cloud hosted services. She also assists with the management of our marketing campaigns.
Alejandra (Ally) Montero
Marketing Coordinator
Ally has extensive work experience in the elder care market. She is taking the lead on marketing coordination at JewelCode along with managing projects on the Agency side of the company.