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Celebrating 15 Wonderful Years

Supporting Care Managers

2002 - JewelCode Begins

Lisa Moody meets couple starting Geriatric Care Management business and lends her business management hand to their planning. Sees need for software, starts JewelCode. Juliana is newly born and Cody is 5, the company is named after them.

2002 - Work Ensues

Lisa meets Seattle care managers and buys Forms book from NAPGCM to aid in design of software. Takes son, Cody, rollerskating and builds the workflow, at the rink, while he’s having fun with his friends.

2003 - Beta Work & Product Development Continues

Hard work goes into meeting with care managers and working on product to meet their needs. Single user version of the software is completed in prototype.

2004 - First Regional NAPGCM Conference - Beverly Hills, CA

The first care manager that came to the exhibit table and saw our software prototype, handed me a credit card to purchase. She had just purchased another product but said that we really understood what she needed. Our first official sale! I had to quickly figure out how to accept credit cards.

2004 - 2006 - JewelCode Grows Rapidly

At first conference, many visited and said once I had a multi-user version they would be on board. Four months later we had a multi-user version. Stephanie Swerdlow was our first multi-user client! Happy she is still working with us today!

2007 - 2008 - Growing Very Quickly

Time to bring on more staff to meet the demands, rapid growth, known for our customer service and unending support of care managers needs, continued development and improvement on the software with great customer input!

2008 - 2012 Recession - Ack!

The recession hits all small businesses and everyone is unsure of what will happen. We streamlined our costs, continued our sales, added services, reduced some staff, took on more work, just like every other small business out there. We maintained excellent customer service and were able to continue in business.

2013 - What Recession?

The end of 2012, sales started picking up again and by 2013 we were at pre-recession sales levels. Care management practices were hiring new people to meet the demand and things were rolling again.

2014 - 2015 - Growth Period

Things are booming and new clients are coming in rapidly. We had to hire more staff again and begin our growth plans. Added web and social media services per demand from our clients. We had been quietly doing these services for a client here and there but word got out and more people were asking us for our assistance!

2015 - Shiny New Objects

We started receiving inquiries about how/when we were going to make our software like the new products that were coming on the scene. We have our plan and will stay on track with it. At first we were sad when some clients decided to leave, but they keep returning to us, and so we’re happy again! Welcome back to all of you who have come back to JewelCode! Everyone is welcome to come back, anytime, no explanation required!

2017 - We're Deep in Development

Our number one concern is security. Microsoft has shown us some new tools for security that we think can be trusted to use software online, so we are working closely with them to create a solution for our clients. We will not rush it as it’s not just about HIPAA, it’s about sensitive data that you are storing about your clients and the security is brand new to handle this. We continue to grow with new customers, many of whom are now coming to us after trying other products. We are so excited about the future! We are solid and stable, always here for care managers, never wavering in our support or love for what you do, whether you are our client or not, we are here!

2021 - Big Software Update Released! Care Plan Template Modernized, Reports Updated, Layout and Colors Updated

The Care Plan Template is a feature in our software that lets you create standardized concerns, goals, and actions. Originally created at the request Tricia Cushnie & Debbie Macarthur Repp back in the days of Mature Options (2007), this feature was due an update and modernization. Now, a wizard guided system lets you create a unique care plan for each client based on pre-saved options. This system lets you manage referrals, client goals, family goals, and care manager recommendations. Add custom instructions to each action. Manage outcomes and present a clear plan to clients, family members, professionals, and aides working in the home. A centralized plan at your fingertips.