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JewelCode is Obsessed With the Safety & Security of Your Client Data

When you Need the Best, You Need JewelCode's CareComplete Care Management Software

Cloud Based, HIPAA Secure Software - We use hospital and bank style secure servers to protect your client information. This is current and modern technology from Microsoft, utilized for their high security ability. We keep your data safe and stay up-to-date on technology to make sure that we are doing our part to protect your client data.

Client Care Software - Track every you need to know about your clients - demographics, key contacts, medications, notes, physicians, end of life planning, and much more.

Assessments & Care Plans - Not only do you have a full set of 7 life domain assessments but you also have two types of care plans, both fully customizable to meet your client's needs. Track Client Goals, Family Goals, Care Manager Recommendations, Referrals, Caregiver Tasks and any other Category you wish to create. Print all on one Care Plan Report or print individual categories such as Client Goals to give just those to the client. There is not another product available that has the level of care plan customization that we provide.

Professional Reports - When you hand a report to the professionals you work with, you will be complimented on your organization and the ability to provide reports that specifically meet the needs of the work you're doing with other professionals.

Track Time & Billing - Track it as you work throughout the day and then when it's time to bill for your work, it takes just a few minutes to send out the bills.

Invoice Through QuickBooks Desktop or Export to Larger Accounting Software Systems - QuickBooks Online is not HIPAA compliant at this time - Intuit's Statement Regarding QBO and HIPAA. If a software provider is not telling you this upfront, please use caution!

JewelCode has been helping care management practices since 2001. Our dedication to you and your clients is unparalleled. We understand what you do. We support sole proprietors, those who want to stay small and those who want to grow their businesses, as well as practices who are in active growth mode or established with large staff. If you need a partner who understands what you do, innovates, while maintaining focus on the security of your client data, and will be there for you when you need them, then JewelCode is the answer.

Nobody has the experience and knowledge that JewelCode has when it comes to how to support a care management practice from start up to full speed.

Please contact us today to let us know your business needs and we will figure out the best plan to work with you.