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CareComplete™ Plus Professional Care Management Software Brings Immediate Benefits

How Will CareComplete Help You?

Organize Client Information in One Location

clientfiles300wWith CareComplete you will manage client information in one central location. There is a place for demographics, contacts, physicians, guardianship information, medications, assessments with care plans, and end of life planning. CareComplete™ is created to work for you. When used fully you will be able to provide professional reports to clients, families, and professionals involved in the care of your clients.

A key business feature of our software is tracking who referred clients to you with the ability to pull a financial report of referrals. Another client favorite is our Refrigerator List Report. This is a large print report that contains the information that Emergency Responders will need. Many clients print, laminate and display on client’s refrigerators. This report along with medication lists, physician lists, diagnoses, and hospitalizations are also combined into folders that stay with clients so they can be presented at medical appointment check ins or available to emergency responders.

Medication Management

meds300hWhether you need to track the basics of your client’s medications or you need a full refill management system to fill medication boxes, we have it. Our medication reports are often complimented by medical care staff in doctor’s offices and hospitals. Track brand name and generic medications, dosages, time of day to be taken, refills, and even client understanding. We recently had care managers contact us when the owners of their company decided to use another software package that was more home care oriented. The care managers were so desperate to get our medication features back that they convinced their management to go back to our software for their needs.

Assessments & Care Plans assessmentclipboard300wWe have built our assessment and care plan tools with the assistance of nurses, social workers, psychologists, attorneys, gerontologists, and several other geriatric and disability care counselors. Our focus is on each life domain of the client and we have included specialized assessment tools such as Fall Risk, SLUMS, and the Geriatric Depression Scale, both the short and the long version, with scoring. You can do as many assessments as you wish and you can archive the assessments to lock in the current data. As you’re doing the assessments you start building the plan of care with narratives and recommendations. Our Care Plan is a living document with customizable recommendations with dates and responsibility assignment. As you complete steps in the care plan you track the dates of completion and outcomes. You have a full working history of the care plan work you’ve done with your clients.

Case Notes & Time Tracking for Billing Your daily work includes various, some are brief interactions such as e-mail or phone calls and others are more in depth such as assessments, physician’s appointments, or family meetings. CareComplete is designed to track every activity that you do and capture both the notes about the event and the time spent on it. The time can be used for billing in many ways, including being exported directly to QuickBooks invoices. We even have a service, called Mobile Case Notes, that lets you enter your activities with time from your phone, iPad, Android, laptops, or computers. The Mobile Case Note option is also beneficial if you have contractors who need to submit their activities on behalf of your practice. If you want to speak your notes, we have a dictation service, where you call a secure line, record your notes, and they are prepared for an import app to insert them into CareComplete.

Disaster Planning Disaster PreparednessAt JewelCode, we have worked with a FEMA trained emergency specialist to plan our Disaster Planning features for the software. By using this feature in our software and printing out the reports in a binder, you can have a grab-and-go resource to take if you need to leave in an emergency situation. Track whether your clients will be moved to a different location or will shelter-in-place. Prepare lists of emergency supplies that are needed and track the supplies. You will have their emergency contacts so you can communicate with their family. Additionally, you can contact JewelCode support and let us know if there is someone that can access your client information should there be an emergency situation and you need them to get information for you. Or, if you can’t access your records and you need information, call our support line and after verifying it is you we can lookup information for you.

QuickBooks Pro for Windows Integration CareComplete has a direct integration with QuickBooks Pro for Windows versions 2014 or newer. Our developers created an integration with QuickBooks so that you don’t have to figure out how to do an export and import to create your invoices. The integrationquickbookspro maps clients between the two products so that when you are ready to run your invoices for billing, you open both products and export the billing from CareComplete into QuickBooks where an invoice is automatically created. This process means that billing is handled quickly and integrated into your accounting so that you can manage your business finances efficiently. When we work bookkeepers or accountants, who are regular QuickBooks users, working with care managers, they tell us that our integration is the best they have ever seen. Most care managers who use our integration are able to do their own billing export – it is easy and stress free. If you don’t have QuickBooks Pro for Windows and need to buy the latest version then we recommend Amazon.com as having the best pricing. Here is a direct link: QuickBooks Pro for Windows on Amazon.

Let’s Partner Today:

As you can see, JewelCode puts effort into making CareComplete the best software for professional care managers, including nurse case managers, geriatric and aging life care managers, and disability care managers. We work closely with care managers throughout the U.S. to make sure that we are adding new features that match up with the future of the industry. In 2011, Lisa Moody, our Founder, was awarded the first ever Affiliate of the Year Award from NAPGCM, now known as the ALCA (Aging Life Care Association). She won this award for her service and dedication to the geriatric care management field. Her entire focus is on helping you do the work that you do. Fill out the form below, submit it and we’ll answer your questions while we work together to see if we are the right fit for your needs. We want to work with you!