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JewelCode's Business Services for Care Managers

Your Voice – Growing Your Reach

Web Design

JewelCode has been designing web sites since it started in 2001. At first our web site work was community based projects to help grow the funding to create our software for geriatric care managers. Over the years we would take on small referred web clients to build great designs. We eventually agreed to create web sites for a few care managers. With Lisa Moody’s design experience and background, we created unique web sites based on the design interests of our clients. We don’t believe in making a web site look like anyone else’s site. We believe in capturing your vision and your colors and design interests in a way that we can communicate your personal message via your web site. Today, we have expanded our business to include a full service design agency. 

Print Design

Your business cards, flyers, and brochures all should match the branding as designed on your web site. Our web designers are also talented print designers and are able to carry your message and branding into print collateral for marketing. We even do unique name badges.

Blog Writing

The number one key to successful social media and online marketing in today’s world is writing educational and informative blogs. You may see colleagues who have the same blog posted as other care managers. These blogs are templates that are being used for multiple clients. The blog indicates it was written by each of those care managers but was actually written by one person and replicated out. At JewelCode we do this different. We believe that your voice and your content is a requirement to gaining successful followers who then will share your content with their followers.

Our blog service is personalized. You are assigned a writer who meets with you and learns about your approach to blogging. Our blog writer has extensive experience working as an Aging Life Care Manager™ for more than 15 years and was the Director of a large non profit offering care management services. Once the writer works with you and understands your approach she will present you with a six month editorial calendar. You may choose how many blogs you want each month and how many months but most of our clients do a 6-month calendar each time. Once the topics are decided then the writer visits with you for each blog to understand what you want to communicate. She does research, gathers information from you, then writes a blog in your voice. She is a ghost writer. She will then send the blog to you for approval and once you approve it then we will upload it to your web site for you and if you have our social media management service, we will start the work of promoting the blog out into the social media world.

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing and Management are tools that help grow your brand awareness and build relationships. The first step to making an impact on your social media marketing efforts is to increase your followers. This takes time and effort to build. While you are in the field working, our Agency team members work on your social media. We share social media posting from our large library of topics related to care management. These topics show your expertise and knowledge sharing. We post for you and analyze the response.

The next step is to create effective ads that will increase your following. We work with you to create posts that will work well as an ad and will bring more visitors to your social media. The more visitors you have, the more your site increases in visibility. The more visitors who love your content and share it on their social media, the more your name increases in the social media world.

You have two groups you are trying to serve, both families and their loved ones, and professionals in your community. We have several levels of services we provide to meet your needs.

We work with Facebook and Twitter to grow your potential client and professional connections and help you use LinkedIn to grow your professional community connections.

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