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A Secure Way to Enter Your Notes From the Field

With direct import into CareComplete, no copy/paste!

Enter your notes and billing as you go throughout your day. You have two choices of service:

1 – Use a secure URL to access a form to submit your notes by typing them on your phone or tablet during the day. They will be added to an import queue and a small import app will pull them right into CareComplete, under the right client name. You can edit them once they are in CareComplete so you could enter an abbreviated note to jog your memory, or enter your whole note. Pricing: $25 per user per month.

2 – Call a secure phone line and record your notes in your voice. One of JewelCode’s W-2 transcriptionists will type it up and add it to your queue for the import app to pull them right into CareComplete. They both go to the same place. Pricing: $25.00 per month for company and then 75 cents per recorded minute. You do not pay for how long it takes us to transcribe.