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JewelCode offers a unique service in conjunction with the CareComplete™ software called JewelScribe. JewelScribe was created because our clients told us that they wanted an easy way to keep track of their billable time throughout the day so that they don’t have to sit at the computer, at the end of their day, to try to remember their visits and enter in their work time.

We created the platform to allow for notes entered quickly throughout the day to import, via an app, right into CareComplete™. This means no copying and pasting. It means that everyone is entering their own notes and time worked, so that your billing is ready to go at the end of the month.

Another benefit of the JewelScribe platform is that you can allow independent contractors to submit their case notes and billing time to you, without having access to your software with your secure client data. If you are copying and pasting notes from independent contractors, you are not using your time in the best way that you can, as it is purely administrative time. Having them enter information, directly for import into CareComplete™, saves time and money for you and your business.

JewelScribe includes two options:

JewelScribe Dictation Service

With the dictation service, your staff is provided with a secure phone line to record their notes and time. We train them on how to speak their notes and provide each user with a laminated instruction card to help them remember how to use the system. They call in, record their notes, then our JewelCode-employed staff type the notes and place them in your queue for import. You use an app that we train you on to directly import them into CareComplete™. The import process takes about 10 minutes at most.

Cost: The dictation is $25 a month for your company and then 75 cents per minute of recorded time. For reference, a minute of recording averages out to about one 7- line paragraph of text. The turnaround time is 48 business hours.

JewelScribe Mobile Case Notes

This service provides a secure URL link on the web to a location where your staff can type in their notes throughout the day. It uses the same platform as dictation, so you import the notes through the same app, directly to CareComplete™. It doesn’t matter what device you use as this is a web link.

Cost: $25 per month, per user

Which one is best?

That really depends on your staff members. If you have staff who do not enjoy typing, then speaking their dictations is often preferable. If you have staff who love typing on their phone then the mobile case notes is the best option.

Can we use both?

Yes, absolutely. They are the same importing platform so you can have some staff using dictation and other staff using mobile case notes.

How to get started?

Send an e-mail to support@jewelcode.com and let us know that you would like to start using the service. We will start the process of getting you set up on the service. To make things faster, indicate the number of people who will be using the service(s) and we’ll prepare the paperwork and send it out for your signature and go from there for scheduling.

There is no other care management software company offering this type of service or option, especially for including independent contractors in submitting their notes and billable time. JewelCode is the one stop shop for care manager technology needs. We are continuing to innovate while keeping a focus on the security of your information.