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You work hard all day supporting your clients. You take them to appointments, communicate with families, coordinate resources, and advocate for quality care. You keep records, track billable time, and possibly manage employees. With so much on your plate, we want to make sure that you know we are here to help with your marketing work. The Agency by JewelCode was developed with care managers in mind. Our clients work with us to create websites, write blogs, post on their social media, and develop followers & visits to their website. Our work builds name recognition.

If you need a place to start and want to work with a company who understand care management, the work you do, and how to promote it then we are ready to start. We work to meet your budget. Our primary recommendation is that you have a regular blog, which educates your readers on various topics. Next, we recommend that you have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn or at least Facebook to start. We manage your Company pages on social media, we post content, we promote your activities, and we build your reputation.

If you have ever thought, “I wish I knew someone who could help with social media and my website, who really understands care management,” then JewelCode is the right partner.